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76 VictoriaPitchford  
77 EllenGutfleisch  
78 TatianaTorres  
79 NellyLopez  
80 OmethLayton  
81 RocioSalazar  
82 FranFulwiler As extinctions mount, the world becomes a poorer and more dangerous place. Keystone predators like tiger subspecies perform crucial roles in environmental balance. We can't afford for them to be wiped out. Human health depends on ecosystem health.
83 johnpasqua we need tigers.
84 LynnPrice Please save what few tiger remain. PLEASE!
85 JoanMcAllister All these cats are way to precious to lose.
86 SherriGillespie We must stop killing, poaching, and destroying tigers habitat or they won't exist except in books.
87 CarolBischoff  
88 PennyBacon Save the tigers!
89 ChantalBuslot  
90 DanutaWatola  
91 GianaPeranio Paz  
92 UnnikrishnanSasidharan  
93 MeganStalker We must do the right thing.
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100 JamesMulcare