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51 CamillaTorsander  
52 naomicohen save the beautiful tigers!
53 TamaraHayes We are swiftly running out of time to save these beautiful tigers. We must do everything we can to protect the few remaining tigers we have left in the world. Do you want your children to never know the amazing animals we have in the wild? Save them.
54 NatalieAlexander  
55 AllanYorkowitz  
56 karengirodat  
57 AndreaSreiber  
58 ElisabethBechmann  
59 JohannHauer  
60 BarbaraDaniels  
61 YvonneFast The treatment of these magnificent animals is beyond words. It has to be stopped once and for all. We owe it to the tiger and to future generations to save it.
62 DuaneBaker  
63 StaceyLarson  
64 PatBowen  
65 DebbieWilliamson  
66 LjiljanaMilic  
67 M.(Moo)Prince  
68 BrynaPizzo  
69 ShanaMokuau  
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71 ThomasPintagro  
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74 LaurenKozen  
75 NyackClancy