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Signatures for Save the tigers

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1 EleanorSpeakman  
2 RachelSpeakman The tigers need to be saved, they don't deserve what they get.
3 AnnabelNash tigers need to be saved!
4 JemimaNash tigers should be saved
5 AllysonNash It's a worth while cause
6 FatouWillan I feel very sorry for these poor endangered creatures, so I am signing your petition in aid of the tigers and hopefully the beautiful species will not become extinct.
7 AndrewOliver I feel strongly about endangerd animals and especially about tigers i think we need to save the remaing endangered sub-species before its too late.
8 AndyNash Let's save these beautiful creatures
9 chloe (chloe7)dixon the tigers need to be saved, im sure you wouldent like to be in the situation they are in, we do have the power and we need to stop this! NOW
10 MarieAndrews Its such a good cause and i hope all your hard work makes a difference =)
11 Stephanie (arceusunleashed)Coates They should be able to have wide lands, sometimes captivity is the only option, but at least you know in places like captivity zoo's, they are having a life away from danger.
12 JudithSpeakman Please do something to help the tigers from becoming extinct.
13 samanthastorm i would like to save the tigers they are a beautiful species and they deserve to live just like us.
14 AliceWilliams Good luck!! We all need to do something to save these animals.
15 shanetomblin stop letting our greatest annimal go extinct
16 ChrisAdeoshun  
17 beckispeakman stop killing these wonderful animals
18 KumbaWillan Fingers crossed this petition makes a difference ;) x
19 ElizabethHill Save the tigers! I'll always support the animals of our world. WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!
20 AmberBeffa Save the tigers! They need our help!
21 gwengrullo  
22 JordanSpeakman  
23 ChrisBallay Geaux Tigers!
24 katietrask  
25 FrancesDarcy