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Save the tigers


Deforestation.   Poaching. Killing .   All reasons why tigers are becoming extinct from our world. Forever .

Would you like to wake up knowing that every day is a struggle to survive against hunters who want to sell your skin and bones?         No.   Would you want to suffer a terrible, painful death or have your natural habitat snatched away from you?         No.   And do you want the beautiful, strong, majestic creature known as the tigers to become extinct forever? I should hope not. However, where there were once well over 100,000 tigers roaming our planet freely: happily, now less than a tenth of this number remains. Why? Tigers have only one predator. Man. For many years, tigers have been poached for their fur and various other body parts and are sold on the Black Market. Some even believe that eating a tiger’s nose will cure epilepsy. It’s so hard to believe that a culture evolved to the point of even understanding the basics of epilepsy can consider thinking that to eat any type of nose cures it. Surely you would realize that it can’t possibly be true, especially with no scientific evidence to back it up. Yet, it seems otherwise, because for this and many other reasons, tigers are disappearing at an alarming rate.

In addition to this, they are continually hunted in a range of areas for their ‘’trophy’’ heads and are even used in Chinese medicines; some presume that tigers have magical powers which heal many different illnesses, but ironically, this again has no evidence.    Deforestation is another major cause for the already small number of tigers decreasing further. Cutting down the forests not only forces them to move away from their habitats, but also causes a loss in the animals prey; therefore tigers have nothing to eat and may starve to death.

Before we started destroying their lives, there were eight sub-species of the tiger. Now only 5 remain. These 5 are endangered and if they aren’t helped, will soon become extinct:

1.        Bengal Tiger

2.        Indochinese Tiger             

3.        Sumatran Tiger                       

4.        Amur/Siberian Tiger

5.        South Chinese Tiger

6.        Javan Tiger (extinct)

7.        Caspian Tiger (extinct)

8.        Bali Tiger (extinct)

Now imagine this. You’re hurt. Badly. Your offspring are dead and you have no-one. You are surrounded by villages of men trying to hunt you down and kill you savagely. You can smell their desire for attack, and you can see their brutal weapons, but what can you do? There is nowhere to run, nothing to eat and you feel like giving in to these monsters. But if you do, you know you will die a painful death and there will be even less of your kind. Is that what you would want?       Not one person on this earth would wish that upon another. But, by not helping these poor animals, that is what you are doing. And who are these monsters? Us. WE are the ones destroying their homes, their food, THEIR LIVES. They don’t deserve what they get; they only want to be left alone, to be free and happy in their natural habitat.

So all I; and many thousands of others ask, is for you to please help these remaining tigers. Help them to live a normal tiger life. Help them to be free.   They need to be bred to increase their chance of surviving- they shouldn’t be kept in captivity, but instead kept in a large sanctuary. For example, Zion Wildlife Gardens in New Zealand does very successfully, giving the tigers many, many acres to themselves away from people, whilst being able to breed. This is probably, one of the best ways to stop tigers from becoming extinct. How would you feel in their situation?

You have the power. Please use it.           


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